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10 reasons you should audit your paid search campaign

by mattobrien on April 16, 2011


  1. Your campaign isn’t delivering the results performance you need it to Knowing that your campaign isn’t meeting your targets is one thing, knowing why is another. By looking at the detail of each pillar of paid search, we evaluate every part allowing us to see what is working well, what isn’t. And how it can be improved. This means efforts can be targeted to the elements that will yield the biggest and fastest returns.

  2. You want to know where you can save budget without affecting sales volume If any element of your paid search campaign isn’t running at 100% efficiency then savings can be made, without costing performance or revenue. Savings can often be achieved through a number of areas, including; negative keywords, bid pricing, budget management and keyword match types.

  3. You want to drive more sales and revenue Gone are the days that you can rely on a growing search market to drive paid search sales growth. Through detailed examination of every element of your campaign we are able to see what are the opportunities for growth. We put hard numbers to this, so you can see how much growth you can achieve and what needs to be done to achieve it.

  4. It’s been over 12 months since you last had your paid search campaign audited The search market is ever evolving and a lot can change in 12 months. Even the best campaign has a half-life and constant work is required just to standstill, let alone move forwards. By auditing you paid search campaign, you are able to ensure that your best practice campaign is still best practice and that it’s performing as well as it should or where growth or savings can be achieved.

  5. You want to know how well each element of your campaign is working Knowing how well each element is working allows resource and effort to be directed where it is most needed and where it will achieve the greatest impact. Chasing small performance improvements on ad copy might not be the best use of time, if bigger wins lie within budget management or bid pricing. Knowing how well each element works give you the opportunity to make decisions based firmly in fact rather than hunches.

  6. Your paid search is working well but you want to know if it can work harder Your campaign might be meeting both its sales volume and CPA targets, job done, right? Imagine you then found that you could actually deliver double the sales volume without increasing the CPA. By knowing performance and opportunities across all pillars, you can have the knowledge of what you campaign is really capable of.

  7. You want to know your campaign audit score and how it can be improved Knowledge is power. Knowing exactly how well your campaign scores across all pillars, what elements are good and which need improving means you can direct resources where they will go the most good. Knowing that your campaign is tiptop means you can focus your marketing efforts on other channels or on staying ahead of the game.

  8. You want to know how to work more effectively with your paid search agency Working well with your paid search agency is vital in ensuring your campaign performs to its potential. By understanding what processes and controls are in place it is possible to identify ways to make working together more effective.

  9. You want an expert second opinion Having an impartial and neutral opinion can be valuable. We have no interest in telling you something is good when it isn’t. As we don’t manage search campaigns there is no benefit to us for advising an increase in spend and there is not penalty in advising it can be reduced. Our impartial advice focuses on what is best for your search campaign and your business, without any incentive for providing anything other than an expert neutral view.

  10. It’s best practice There is a lot of talk about best practice campaigns and what needs to be done to achieve one. Once you have you campaign set up as per best practice it is vital to ensure that it stays that way. We believe that it is best practice to give your search campaign a neutral and impartial health check at least once a year, just like an MOT.


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