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Paid search audit
Independent, expert and confidential. Engineered to improve performance.

On-tap expertise, guidance and support.

On-site training for all levels of expertise.

Working with agencies

Your campaign’s meeting your targets, it’s performing well then? What if you knew it could double the sales at half the cost, still good?

We work with clients who want a fresh set of eyes on their paid search strategy and advice on how to make it work smarter. The one thing they all have in common is a desire to achieve improved results and profits from the channel. Our input is always constructive and practical.

Our proprietary paid search audit reviews over 400 individual campaign elements, delivering an overall campaign score (out of one hundred) and a score for each of the 10 campaign pillars, showing you which parts of the campaign need priority. The audit gives detailed recommendations, explaining exactly what actions need to be taken, it also quantifies the financial savings and additional sales opportunities within the campaign. Our paid search audit has been engineered to deliver better results and improved profits.

10 Pillars

We work directly with clients & agencies. Our audits costs are based on the size and complexity of your campaign. Why not contact us for a quote?

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