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by mattobrien on December 05, 2011

It’s that time of year when everything gets a little frenetic in the run up to the Christmas break, new year and the next year’s marketing campaign.

With economic conditions remaining challenging and uncertain, there are still a few certainties; you will be expected to deliver more from less and to achieve this you will need your marketing budget to work harder than ever before.

To make sure that your budget next year is working as hard as you need it to, when you do your planning for the year, make sure you set aside a small portion of your budget to audit your paid search activity.

Think of a paid search audit as a small investment that can yield high returns, combined with giving you intimate and detailed knowledge of exactly how well your paid search activity is performing and how it can be improved and developed to meet your targets and requirements.

Typically the return from a paid search audit outweighs the cost be a factor of more then ten, making it one of the most efficient and highest returning elements of your 2012 budget plan.

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