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by mattobrien on June 05, 2011

Our clients often ask us how they can make more money from their paid search campaigns and we love giving full and detailed answers. Sometime though, the answers we give are not exactly what our clients were expecting to hear.

Sure you can cut budget wastage, improve optimisation and better manage your keywords, but there are sometimes other things that will also work well, but may not be top of mind. We find that a paid search account that is properly resourced nine times out of ten will deliver a better ROI than one that isn’t. That means having the right amount of time being delivered by the right combination of people.

The old adage that you get what you pay for has never been truer. By having a properly resourced and remunerated team behind your paid search, they will go the extra mile and will be able to dedicate more to your campaign and business, usually giving you much greater returns and results.

This doesn’t mean that should go and start paying your agency more and insisting that they assign another five people to your account, but it does mean that you need to fully understand exactly what job needs doing and how much time it will take to do it well.

This may mean that you need more resource or it may mean that you need a different balance of resource. What is also important is that you too put in the time and commitment too. No-one knows your business like you do and you need to be able to translate your requirements to the agency and also make sure they are actively managed to deliver the job (and results) you need them too.

At Unscrambled, having had over 11 years hand on experience in paid search, we regularly work with clients to help them better understand the job that needs doing for them to get the best results from their campaign. This is just one of the many areas that the Unscrambled paid search Audit looks at to ensure everyone, client and agency can achieve more from their paid search activity.

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