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Real world events – Be ready!

by mattobrien on December 19, 2011

We all know that what happens in the real world can have an impact on our paid search campaigns, but are we always ready for it?

Over the years we have observed, planned for and reacted to a number of real world events with paid search campaigns. We know that if it snows the world is more likely to be emptying the shelves of the local Tesco Metro than going online to buy products, possibly with the exception of sledges.

The links between some real world events and consumer behavior online are more predictable than others, such as the Fern Britton effect. When Fern came clean about her gastric band there was a surge in interest online for similar surgical procedures.

However today has seen another real world event have an impact on consumers search behavior. The announcement of the death of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, has seen a large spike in UK consumers going online and searching for holidays to North Korea. So far there has been a 700% spike in search volume on Google today alone!

The consumer behavior following some real world events is more predictable than others, but one thing is for certain, by keeping a very close eye on your paid search campaign and also on the news, you can be ready and respond quickly to make sure you are in the best possible shape.

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