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Question: When is the same different?

by mattobrien on April 18, 2012

Answer: When Google Adwords improves it’s exact match and phrase match.

Google have announced that from mid-May exact match and phrase match keywords will not only trigger the exact (or phrase) matched search queries, but also close variants.

So what is a close variant, well Google tells us that exact and phrase match keywords will now trigger;
• Misspellings
• Singular and plural forms
• Acronyms
• Stemmings
• Abbreviations
• Accents

Despite this change Google goes on to tell us that it will only use the exact keyword, not the close variants it will be matching it to, in the calculation of quality score.

It will be possible to opt-out of the new match type setting, but the improved match types will be the default for existing and new campaigns. So what does this mean for clients and agencies alike managing paid search campaigns?

Firstly you will need to decide if the changes that Google are making will fit within your existing match type strategy and if they don’t how you will need to amend your campaign and it’s management.

With an expansion of what exact match and phrase match will actually match to, there is the potential that spends may increase against specific words or phrases. A close eye will be needed to ensure that the impact is observed and responded to, if required. There will need to be a lot of ‘watching this space”.

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