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Quality is King: Google gives advertisers more detail on their quality score and how to improve it

by mattobrien on April 27, 2012

We all know that quality score in Google is vital and that with high quality comes better performance. Google is now making it easier to understand how some of the elements perform, that make up a keywords quality score.

The new functionality gives a ‘score’ for;
• Expected click rate
• Ad relevance
• Landing page experience

Scores are rated; below average, average and above average. Any score average or above means that there are no major problems with that element of the keywords performance, but if you score below average then action will be required and it is likely that your quality score is being harmed.

This new feature in Google puts more power in the hands of both clients and agencies, giving greater transparency about the exact elements that are and are not performing, it also means that you can address the underperforming elements as part of your ongoing programme of quality improvement in your account.

At Unscrambled we know how important a high quality score is for a campaign and often see an exponential improvement in results performance as you move up the quality score scale, often combined with lower costs. Giving more knowledge to clients and search managers alike will aid transparency and facilitate more in-depth discussions around this specific area of a campaign. We think that this can only be a good thing.

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