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Ad copy rotation - More Adwords changes

by mattobrien on May 02, 2012

It seems that Google is on a bit of a roll at the moment in rolling out a number of enhancements and changes to it’s Adwords platform. There has been the change to exact and phrase match, greater clarity in what makes up a keywords quality score, the ability to label campaign elements and now the latest enhancement is a change to ad copy rotation.

Previously there were two options when it came to ad copy rotation, optimised and even rotation. This means that your ads delivery would either be optimised to deliver greater clicks (or conversions depending on your choice) or to deliver your ads evenly.

Now Google has announced that even rotation ads will run in even rotation for 30 days and then will switch to an optimised rotation. This means that the better performing ads will have a greater weighting and in theory should deliver better campaign results – either more clicks or more conversions. At Unscrambled, too often we see campaign result stifled by campaigns being set to and left on even rotation. There can be very legitimate reasons for wanting to use even rotation, but if forgotten about results can suffer and badly. Also the cynic in us, does recognise that there is scope for Google to also profit from you serving ad that are likely to attract more clicks, but ultimate that’s the business they are in.

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