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by Matt O'Brien on January 17, 2014

1. Have a plan and a contingency

Know what you want your campaign to deliver and what you are going to do it is working better or worse than expected. Allow a degree of flexibility with your campaign based on what it is telling you.


2. Keep a very close eye on your campaign

January and Q1 is traditionally a period of paid search high demand, both from consumers and advertisers. Frequent campaign checks, daily at a minimum, mean that you will spot problems before they become big and can spot opportunities in time to capitalise on them


3. React quickly

Taking a week to make a decision about whether or not to invest more budget in your paid search campaign as it is delivery great results, means that you will have missed out on a weeks worth of increased sales.


4. Be aware of the marketplace and what is going on around you

Paid search doesn’t work in isolation. You are competing against a lot of other advertisers, all vying for the same customers. An increase in your bid price can quickly be nullified by an increase by your competitors. If everyone has allocated their budgets to January and is ‘chasing volume,’ you may find your cost rising. Would it be better to hold back some of your budget for a time when the market is less competitive? February can start to look quite attractive.


5. Make sure you are there & seen

In periods of peak demand it is possible to be taken by surprise if you don’t manage your budgets properly. It can be very easy to spend your entire budget quicker than planned, leaving the possibility or severely reduced budgets towards the end of the month, or it can be as easy to find yourself going offline before the end of the day. Managing your months spend rate and your daily budgets is going to be key to your success. Remember, Lost Impression Share Budget is a great indicator to use here.

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