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by Matt O'Brien on January 25, 2014

1. Having an over reliance on Brand match keywords

Broad match keywords often have a higher cost per click than their exact match counterparts and usually achieve a lower conversion to sale ratio. Relying too much on broad match keywords to drive your clicks and sales, rather than using a balanced match type strategy, may be costing you money and sales.


2. Not separating brand and non-brand when evaluating performance

The cost per sale from branded keywords is usually much lower than non-brand keywords and well below target. If you don’t look at brand and non-brand separately then the affect of the brand performance can mask underperformance from non-brand campaign elements. Split them out to give yourself the full picture and allow yourself to make more informed campaign decisions.


3. Not tracking all your PPC sales

In order to properly judge performance you need to have a full picture of all the sales that your campaign is delivering. Not all sales will take place online, so it is important to understand how your customers want to buy from you and to make sure you have the tracking in place to accurately attribute your sales to the correct sources. Without this you may make bad decisions, costing sales and the potential of campaign growth.


4. Poor communications

You know what you need your campaign to deliver, but does your agency? Great communications is the key to great campaigns and poor communications can lead to failure. If sales volume is more important than cost per sale this month, then you need to let your agency know, otherwise they may be limiting volume in order to meet a CPA target. Equally if your agency sees an opportunity for growth, they need to make sure you are aware, so that you can make a considered decision with all the facts.


5. Running out of budget during peak times of day

Time and time again we see paid search campaigns going online during, or even before, the peak evening online buying period, all down to poor budget management. A significant amount of searching and buying is carried out after 7pm, you need to make sure your campaign is running for the whole evening to maximise your sales, it’s not a race to spend the budget as quickly as possible!

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