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Google Launches Enhanced Campaigns

by Matt O'Brien on Feb 06, 2012

Google has launched Enhanced campaigns, allowing advertisers to “reach consumers at the moments that matter across devices with more relevant ads.”

What does this mean for advertisers?

Enhanced campaigns will give advertisers the power to manage bids across different devices, locations and time of day, all using a single campaign. This means that you can bid more for customers who are physically near your premises during your opening hours – powerful stuff.

It also allows advertisers to tailor their ads based on a person’s context – locality, time of day and device; again all from a single campaign.

The launch of enhanced campaigns is giving advertisers significantly more functionality, while simplifying the process, who wouldn’t like that?

More can be found about Google enhanced campaigns here.

If you want to discuss how you can make the most of this new functionality to give your campaign a competitive edge, just drop us a line. 

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