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Google Rolls out Universal Analytics

by Matt O'Brien on Apr 24, 2013

Today Google has announced that it is rolling out its trial of universal analytics to all Google Analytics users.

What is Universal Analytics you ask? Google tell us that it is a way for businesses to better track and understand users across multiple devices and platforms, during their customer journey.

There is a bit of tweaking required to your Google Analytics account to get Universal Analytics set up, but nothing too onerous.

Our view: We know that consumers use a variety of different devices while they are researching and shopping online. Being able to understand the exact role that each device plays is only a good thing. It will allow clients to properly assess the value of a mobile interaction vs. one made on a tablet or a laptop and how they can best manage the user experience to deliver the best ROI.

Anything that helps clients to better understand how users interact with multiple devices can only be a good thing. Bring it on.

More information on Universal Analytics can be found here

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