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Device Targeting - Who's using What and When?

by Matt O'Brien on Mar 25, 2014

The recently launch Enhanced campaigns in Adwords have made it easier for advertisers to adjust their bids based on device, time and geography. This means that bidding more for users search on a mobile between 10am and 11am doesn’t require significant campaign set up work and can be down with a few clicks of a mouse. But which devices should you bet targeting and at what times of the day?

The usage of different devices to search on the Adwords network varies significantly throughout the day and it is important to consider this when setting your own enhanced campaign rules.

Computers, desktop and laptop, still account for the largest share of searches over the 24-hour period, averaging 69% of all searches undertaken. This figure rises to 79% between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Also, during this time computers accounted for 81% of all clicks, making a computer user slightly more likely to click than their tablet or mobile using counterparts. If your audience is online during office hours, then computers may be your best bet.

Overall, tablets accounted for just under 17% of all searches undertaken throughout the day, not without some interesting peaks and toughs. The usage of tablets sees a breakfast time spike, followed by a decline during the working day. There is growth in searches on tablets from 3pm onwards, continuing to rise during the peak evening browsing period, before starting to decline after 11pm. If you are trying to reach people at the breakfast table or after work, targeting a tablet may work well for you.

Mobile devices, phones with full browsers, came in last place, accounting for 14% of all ad impressions over a 24-hour period. Growth found in mobile usage from 11pm onwards and this device was proportionally strongest from 11pm until 7am. Mobiles come into their own to target the night owls among us.

Getting a better understanding of your own audience and the devices that they use throughout the day will allow you to be better informed in how you choose to approach your device specific bidding and whether or not you choose to weight your bids around different times of the day.

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