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What impact the weather?

by Matt O'Brien on July 12, 2013

The bright yellow thing in the sky has finally made an appearance in the sky and the mercury has soared, summer has finally arrived here in the UK. But what impact has this had to consumers’ online search behaviour?

Anecdotally many clients have reported a sluggish start to the month, with both website traffic and phone calls falling since the weather has improved.

Looking at recent search trends our own data is showing that consumer search impressions have fallen by 25% in just two weeks.

The weather affecting online behaviour is a trend that we have observed over the last decade, be it the arrival of the sun or a covering of the white stuff. And while we have found that a big change in the weather can have a profound effect on a paid search campaign, the impact is usually short lasting, with consumers returning to ‘normal’ behaviour once they readjust to the change in conditions. So don’t panic, the sales will still be there, but people are just taking a little break to enjoy the sunshine and who can blame them

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