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Google Enhanced campaigns - Enhanced or Simplified?

by Matt O'Brien on August 06, 2013

The compulsory migration from Google Adwords standard to enhanced campaigns recently took place. You may have received an email to tell you that your campaigns have been upgraded. But what does the industry think of the new Enhanced campaigns? A recent survey by Econsultancy showed that 35% of agency respondents think that enhanced campaigns will have a positive impact on their clients’ campaigns, with 21% disagreeing and 43% still sitting on the fence.

What was highlighted in some of the survey responses was the inability to now target by device, meaning that advertisers with device based strategies are no longer able to have the same level of control as they had with ‘standard campaigns’.

From our own experience we have found that a number of our clients are frustrated by the inability to differentiate bids between computers and tablets. When Adwords shows that sales from computers are costing less than sales on tablets, it would be nice to be able to adapt bidding strategies accordingly. As it stands good performance on one device can subsidise lesser performance on the other, meaning that budget is not allocated as effectively as possible and fewer sales are achieved.

The Econsultancy article What do marketers think of Enhanced Campaigns  can be found here

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