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With over 30 years combined experience in managing paid search and display campaigns we have the expertise to ensure your PPC campaigns exceed their target KPIs.

We are specialists on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Shopping and Merchant Centre, Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Every PPC campaign is different – whether it’s a targeted cost of sale or cost per acquisition; driving only the most relevant ‘customers’ to a website; ensuring that any website visit from the PPC campaign is a ‘valued’ visit – whether this is getting someone to purchase a product, fill in a form or make contact.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we gain a full understanding of your business, the sector you operate in, the competition and the campaign targets. From this we build out a bespoke PPC account for every client we work with. From the most relevant keywords to ad creative which will stand out against the competition.

  • Our work does not stop once the campaign is up and running. This is where the real work begins as we optimise the campaigns on a daily basis to ensure the adverts are targeting only the customers who are most likely to ‘convert’.
  • We dedicate our management time to optimising the budgets and bids to ensure you are only spending in the most ‘profitable’ areas.
  • We optimise the keywords to ensure the adverts are targeting only the most relevant search terms.
  • We optimise the ad creative to ensure that ads are ‘fresh’ and relevant and will stand out against the competition.
  • We optimise shopping campaigns down to individual product level to ensure that we are only spending in the areas which are providing the targeted cost of sale.
  • We optimise the day of week and time of day as well as the location targeting to ensure ads are shown at the right time and to the right people.

All of our optimisation is undertaken by qualified experts – we never rely on automated tools.

We are experts in paid search on Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo, shopping ads on Google and Bing/Yahoo, social advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn, Google Display Network and YouTube video advertising.

We have run PPC campaigns across all continents and in multiple languages.

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We now have even more tools at our disposal to not only report on our work but also manage those properties operationally and optimize them. We were certainly very excited at the end

Claudia Rosani-Allen, Programme Comms Manager PPC, The open University

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