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Device Targeting - Who's buying from what and when?

by Matt O'Brien on Mar 27, 2014

Are your using converting on their phones, their iPads or computers and how much does time of day play in device selection and likelihood to buy?

We last looked at when people were using computers, tablets and mobiles to search online, to help inform our search device strategy.

Computers were king, taking the largest share of search usage at all times during the day, but tablets and mobiles had their time in the sun too, mainly outside office hours. Does this hold up in actual conversion behaviour or are their different patterns that we need to consider when deciding on our device strategy?

Previously we found that computers accounted for 69% of searches over the 24 hour day, with tablets and mobiles coming in at 17% and 14% respectively. Looking at conversion volumes, computers are punching above their weight, accounting for 75% of all conversions. Tablets stayed the same as their usage at 17%, with mobiles only accounting for 8%. This means that a user on a computer is 9% more likely to ‘convert’ than average.

We find that computer conversions are at their strongest during office hours, accounting for 85% of all conversions between 9am & 6pm, with a peak of 88% at lunchtime.

Computers and tablet conversions are almost a mirror of each other, with the trough in tablet conversions being seen at lunchtime and a steady growth from then on. By 10pm, the proportion on conversions coming from users with tablets has trebled compared to lunchtime, reaching a peak of 24%.

Conversions via mobile devices were proportionally weak, accounting for only 8%, while mobile usage of search was found to be 14%. This possibly lends to the argument that consumers use different devices to search for different things, but that’s a whole different article. Again, mobiles were the preserve of the night owl, seeing conversion proportions increase from 11pm and though to the early hours of the morning.

We now know when people are using different devices to search online and when they use these devices to ‘convert’. Next we will be looking at how costs vary throughout the day and how we can use this to inform our bidding strategies.


The first part in this series can be found here: Device Targeting - Who's using what and when?


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