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Joanna Yellowlees-Bound (CEO, Erna Low) said “We had been using paid search for some time, but we needed it to be working harder for us than it was. We appointed Unscrambled to help us redevelop our existing activity, so that we would be able to drive more sales and revenue from our budget. We saw a dramatic impact on our paid search sales as soon as our new campaign went live and this has carried on into our current season. With Unscrambled’s help, we are looking forward to seeing the campaigns revenue continue to improve. ”

183% New Campaign

Unscrambled were commissioned to redesign and rebuild the paid search campaign to;

  • Fit with best practice and also the Erna Low commercial business
  • Increase Erna Low’s exposure and opportunity to sell to customers looking for the ski locations offered
  • Improve the campaign’s ability to closely target customers with highly relevant messaging
  • Focus on driving sales from new customers

Erna Low has been successfully selling skiing holidays since 1932, making them one of the longest established in the business. They had been undertaking paid search for a number of years, with the channel having successfully delivered profitable leads and online sales. However, more recently paid search performance had declined and was not delivering the number of sales needed and at a cost per new customer that was too high.

Unscrambled worked closely with Erna Low to ensure their in-depth knowledge of their product and marketplace was translated into their paid search campaign, ensuring that the campaign would be able to meet their objectives and could be managed to segregate the acquisition of new customers to the business. Once the campaign was rebuilt, Unscrambled continued to work with Erna Low to help maximise the performance of the campaign and the return that it delivered.

An improvement in performance was seen as soon as the new campaign went live, with online sales increasing by 183% versus the previous month, despite being at the end of the ski season. This improvement in results continued into the new 2012/13 season with the paid search campaign delivering a 120% increase in sales compared to the same month of the previous year. All important new customer acquisition also increased by 183% versus the same time period.

120% Year on year increase in sales

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020 3289 9655