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Eversfield Organic are a family run Devon farm who sell high quality organic meat and poultry to the public and trade. In 2011, the brand revamped their website, with a view to growing their retail business, with the aim being to grow sales of their monthly meat boxes and bespoke organic meat orders. Anna Bury (Marketing Manager) wanted to know more about how to use paid search to reach new customers and drive direct, profitable sales in the run up to Christmas. However, she didn’t feel that the company had the internal skills to set up and manage this type of marketing programme, quickly. So she asked Unscrambled to take the lead.

Our first step was to get an in-depth understanding of the brand and it’s products. We held a couple of working sessions with the Eversfield Organic marketing team to discuss the objectives for the campaign and agree what the target costs for customer recruitment should be in order to drive profits. After researching the online market place for this growing sector, we were able to present recommendations on how we could develop the current programme with minimum cost risk to the client. We provided a high specification of detail across all campaign elements including keywords, match type, ad position, ad copy and budget management. With Anna’s approval we then built the new campaign and launched it on the 14th November-11.

As part of our consultancy we also included training for the marketing team to get them up to speed with the latest PPC developments and to enable them to manage the campaign moving forwards.

The new campaign delivered a 54% growth in online sales in December 2011. Since then,
Unscrambled have continued to take strategic lead in development, working with the internal marketing team who now manage the day to day optimisation. Our role is to provide ongoing guidance and advice.

As a channel, PPC now accounts for over a third of all Eversfield Organic online meat sales. The campaign is improving all the time, further refinements have recently ensured that the sales conversion rate has increased by 79% and the cost per sale decreased by 51%, in under a month.

MD Mark Bury said “I am really impressed with just how quickly Unscrambled were able to get this campaign up and running for us. The results in the run up to Christmas surprised us and encouraged us to ramp our PPC marketing in 2012, I’m looking forward to finding lots more new customers this way.”

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020 3289 9655