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The Open University is the UK’s leader in distance learning, with more than 210,000 students across 570 courses, they are the largest academic community in Europe.

Having undertaken an audit of their paid search campaign with Unscrambled, The Open University were keen to build upon their increased paid search knowledge and understanding of their own activity. They wanted to be able to take a more active role in their paid search activity and to work more closely with their agency partner.

A bespoke Google Adwords handbook and how to guide was produced for the session and as a leave reference document. The workshop session took the form of tutorial and practical exercises using the actual Adwords account, ensuring that real and relevant data was used in the training.

The training took the form of a practical one day workshop looking at;

  • Adwords navigation
  • Basic data access and reporting
  • Advanced reporting
  • Results review; basic and advanced
  • Access and using Adwords tools

As a result of the workshop, The Open University now spend time reviewing their Adwords activity prior to meeting with their agency partner and time together is spent discussing the campaign and ways to improve it’s performance.

Claudia Rosani-Allen

Programme Comms Manager PPC – The Open University
“Yesterday’s session was extremely useful and we now have even more tools at our disposal to not only report on our work but also manage those properties operationally and optimize them. We were certainly very excited at the end”

The Open University approached Unscrambled to run a bespoke training workshop for their marketing team to give them the knowledge and skill that they would need in order to;

  • Access and navigate the Adwords account
  • Access data and run reports
  • Analyse data, form conclusions and understand potential courses of action
  • Be better prepared to engage with their agency about the Adwords campaign
Colin Morris

Head of Online Marketing – The Open University
“Thanks for the excellent session – what we have learned today will allow us to have a deeper understanding of how our paid search campaign is performing. Future opinions will be backed by data and I expect we will contribute to the running of our campaign in a much more informed way.”

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