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Destinology specialise in luxury travel and holidays across the world. Destinology had a mature and large paid search marketing programme, managed internally and had been successfully using the channel to drive sales into the business.

The paid search marketing programme was delivering good results, however Destinology wanted to understand if the campaign could work harder and how they could use the channel to drive additional sales for the business. Unscrambled were commissioned to undertake a detailed audit of the account.

Unscrambled analysed all aspects of the Destinology paid search marketing programme to ensure a full understanding of all elements of the campaign and how performance had varied over time. Unscrambled also spent time with Destinology team to fully understand the context and strategy behind the campaign and to better understand opportunities in working practices which could yield results improvements.

Key findings from the audit found that the account was large and contained a significant amount of valuable data and account history. There was opportunity for the account to be structured to better fit with the goals of the business and also to make the on-going management and optimisation of performance less complicated. The account achieved excellent quality scores, helped largely by well developed and relevant creative being deployed.

Overall quantified opportunity in excess of £200,000

Opportunities were identified for the use of additional negative keywords to ensure fewer irrelevant clicks were delivered and also for the enhancement of the match type strategy to allow for greater targeting and relevance. The overall quantified opportunity contained within the account was in excess of £200,000

Emma Morris (Senior Marketing Executive, Destinology) said; “Unscrambled left no stone unturned when auditing our account. The level of detail they went to meant that they were able to fully identify exactly how hard each element of the campaign was working and how we could develop this for our advantage. They took time to understand our business and specific requirements and were able to ensure that the output of the audit was tailored to fit with our requirements”.


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