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Saga Travel commissioned Unscrambled to audit the paid search activity for their Saga Holidays, Saga Ocean Cruise and Saga River Cruises AdWords accounts.

Saga wanted to review the accounts to:

  • Ensure that the campaigns were performing within best practice
  • Identify and eliminate any campaign wastage
  • Identify opportunities both within Google products and general business environment where additional improved performance can be driven
  • Work more effectively with their paid search agency partner

The audit carried out by Unscrambled can be likened to a car MOT whereby the client wants to get reassurance that everything is in working order and will be very happy to find out that there are no major issues!

The paid search campaigns were reviewed for 12 month period and the account scored using Unscrambled proprietary campaign algorithm and scorecard.

Saga Travel uses paid search to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales for its holiday products – general holidays, cruises and river cruises.

A challenge for Saga is that it can only sell to customers aged 50 or over, so the campaign needed to identify both the user (all over 50s) and their intent; when typically (and for the majority of Saga’s competitors) only intent is required.

Analysed and evaluated 400 individual campaign elements

Within the audit process Unscrambled analysed and evaluated over 400 individual campaign elements including structure, management, keywords, match type, bid pricing, share of voice and ad creative.

The audit found that the accounts had been very well built within best practice and the average keyword quality score was excellent.

Overall the audit score was higher than typically scored for previous Unscrambled audits.

The audit did, however, highlight some areas where improvements could be made and there were opportunities to refine the audience targeting and drive additional volume.

The result of the audit led to a 10 point recommendation plan which Saga and their partner search agency could use to refine the current campaigns. This plan included using a set of KPIs to monitor performance and measure improvements.

Dan Acarnley, Head of Digital at Saga Travel said; “We were very happy with the outcome of the audit; both in terms of the quality of the output and its actual findings in validating our approach and providing some positive feedback for us and our search agency partner. All of the recommendations have either already been implemented or are in play somewhere along the line.”


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