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The Harley Medical Group (THMG) is one of the UK’s largest Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Solutions group in the UK. THMG had a mature paid search marketing programme and had been successfully using the channel to drive new enquiries into the business for both surgical and non surgical procedures.

While their paid search marketing was delivering good results, THMG were keen to better understand if it could work better, how they could drive more enquiries and the marketplace for specific procedures. THMG had a long term relationship with their agency partner, Lakestar McCann (LSM) and it was important to them that the audit be undertaken ensuring that LSM were onboard with the process and able to contribute and input.

Unscrambled analysed all aspects of the THMG paid search marketing programme to ensure a full understanding of all elements of the campaign and how performance had varied over time. Unscrambled also spent time with both THMG and their agency partner to fully understand the context and strategy behind the campaign and to better understand opportunities in working practices which could yield results improvements.

Key findings from the audit included a change over time in the performance by device type, highlighting an opportunity for additional volume to be obtained. Potential over expenditure on specific campaign elements was also identified and with a recommended strategy for reducing costs in specific areas, a campaign saving opportunity was established.

Overall the audit identified that the campaign was well run and managed, with there being very little budget wasted. The audit was able to identify and quantify an opportunity to grow enquiries by 41% and provided recommendations on how this could be achieved.

Grow enquiries by 41%

James O’Shea (Marketing Director, The Harley medical Group) said;
Unscrambled took time to understand our business and paid search account. They listened to what we wanted to get out of undertaking a PPC audit and were able to specifically tailor their analysis to give us maximum value. The level of insight they provided was excellent and the way they were able to work in harmony with our agency partner has meant that recommendations have been implemented quickly and we are starting to reap the rewards.

Andy Mitchell (Client Servives Director, Lakestar McCann) said;
We found working with Unscrambled a positive experience, they were keen to understand how we approached the management of the campaigns and also our ideas on how the account could work harder, along with adding their own view born out of the audit itself. The audit has provided independent verification of the work we have been doing and our working relationship with THMG is stronger as a result.

The Harley Medical Group

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